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Friday Fashion Fun...Spring

Before we know it, we will be packing away our winter things-or at least shoving them to the back of the closet-and reaching for spring clothes.

I don't know about you, but I have some winter things that need to be purged. I would really like to get my closet down to a few pieces that I really love that can be mixed and matched to create any number of outfits.

How about you?

I think I am ready to buy into the less is more philosophy in the closet department. I want unique but stylish outfits (somehow when I write that phrase, Maud comes to mind-not the look I am going for!) that don't cost a boatload of moula.

My dream clothes will be casual enough to wear everyday, but versatile enough that I can dress them up for church, a meeting, dinner, or an occasional speaking engagement.

They will flatter me in color and cut, front and back.

They will obey when I speak. Oh, wait a minute. Never mind.

I just feel better when I take the time to put on something cute.

However, if you could see me now, you would think I was lying!

I just read on The Enchanting Rose about this online store. Have you ever ordered anything from them?

I like the vintage vibe of these dresses........

This would be so cute with a denim jacket or just about any color cardigan and wedges or flats or even cute little tennis shoes. Don't you think? This little number is regularly just $60, and can be customized with different sleeves, no pockets, and different length for just $7.50.
Retro style gingham check dress

Doesn't this look like something you might find at Anthropologie for about $300? I love it and if I ever get Michelle Obama's arms, I might order it!

 Birds eye view dress

Wouldn't this be perfect with a flowered cardigan and pastel ballet flats?

Chelsea dress

I think I am going to give eShakti a try. What do I have to lose?

So girls, what is on your wish-list for spring? 


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