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Brain Spillage

Today, I am thinking about........

1. Paint brushes like this one:
We have been painting and painting and painting in our basement, trying to get everything ready for the carpet layers next week. Everything is requiring multiple coats and this paint brush has become my new best friend. If you don't have a "stubby" paint brush, you need to get one before your next paint project.

Yes, you do!
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2. The truth of this quote:

Simply Sunday-The Bible

No other words needed.

3. Using this stencil on an accent wall :

Damask stencil, reusable wall stencil, Acanthus Damask Size S/A4 7.5 x 9 inches
I participated in the last stenciling phase, right after the wallpapering phase, which followed closely the decoupage phase.

Love the way it is being re-interpreted!           

4. Crochet Hooks

I have been trying to improve my crochet skills, so I wanted to make a cute little headband -scarfy-type thing that had a sweet little flower on top. I didn't pay any attention to the hook size the pattern suggested and I ended up with a hat that would fit an ogre or a giant or at least an NFL player. 

And a flower that looked like a crown.

To salvage the project, I turned the headband part into a wreath scarf (your wreaths wear scarves, right?), which doesn't really show up in this pic. Then I crocheted two more flowers, added some burlap and hung it on my front door.

And I like it!                 

I'd love to know what is on your mind today, so share away!


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