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Dodge Trucks and Paul Harvey


We are Ford truck people on this farm, but that may change after the Super Bowl!

I love, love, love this commercial that celebrates the American Farmer. If you didn't watch it, please take a moment and check it out here.


This reminds me so much of my dad, granddad, and father-in-law. All men who worked the land and loved doing it.

The hands tell the story.

And now, of course, my husband and sons continue the tradition.

Long hard days.

Worries about the weather.

Very high input costs.

Worries about the weather.

So many things totally out of our control.


The smell of dirt.

Being one's own boss.

Plants poking up through soil.

The smell of rain.

Satisfaction of doing something REALLY important.

Good Tired.

Farming is in their blood.

God put it there.


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