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Did I Sleep Through the Whole Discussion?

Do you ever look back on your years in high school and college and wish you could take some of those classes again?

I sure do.

Not Geometry-which still nearly makes me break into a sweat.

or Chemistry-I have never had a need to solve one of those equations with letters and numbers since I became an adult, have you?

I would like to go back and redo my history classes. I was all about the "A" ....or "B".... when I was in school but not so much about the actual learning.

Now, there are so many things that I am ignorant about.

Or...about which I am ignorant.

One of which is World War One. Did we ever get past the Civil War in any history class I ever took? I honestly don't think so!

Which brings us to my topic for today.

Like many of you, we are Downton Abbey  fans around here.

If you haven't discovered the show, find Season One and be prepared to be transported back to England before WW1, m-lady.

I love the beautiful clothing, the proper way of doing things, the DRAMA.

We are just about midway through Season Two, and our characters are immersed in World War One. I am enjoying it so much more since I serendipitously read this book my cousin recommended to me.


Set in the exact same time period, this historical fiction novel filled in many, many gaps in the story line of the TV show. It is VERY long, but for the most part is a page turner from beginning to end. Ken Follett is a great storyteller, whose main characters portray this heartbreaking time from several different viewpoints.

Sidebar: I admit I skipped some of the parts describing some of the battles and some of the descriptions of the Russian army. (Wink.)

Now I have the background knowledge to more fully appreciate what Lord and Lady Grantham and their daughters and servants are experiencing, and how this war permanently changed their way of life. This was difficult for some to understand and accept, like the Dowager Countess of Grantham. ( How would you like to sign your name with that title? Can you imagine?)

She has some great zingers!

I would highly recommend downloading this book on your e-reader, fixing a pot of tea, and settling in for a great read!

Any book suggestions for me, friends?

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