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Sparkle One and Sparkle Two


I think I am almost finished decorating for Christmas. I bet you are, too. Now if we would just stay home long enough to enjoy the trees all lit up. 

Know what I mean?

We would enjoy driving up to our house with the soft glow in the windows, but I'm afraid to leave the spinning lights of our silver trees plugged in when we are not home. They are OLD and I don't trust them one bit unsupervised.

Before she died, Grandma Great gave us her old silver Christmas tree. We were both thrilled-me, because it was so cute and Brad, because it represented such warm, happy memories of Christmas at her home....

....of her homemade chicken salad

....cousins everywhere....lots and lots of them

....and more sweets than you could shake a stick at.

We thought it would be a great tradition if the tree was passed from grandchild to grandchild so everyone could enjoy it and the memories of Grandma Great. So, we passed it on, realizing that we might never see it again. I missed it, so I bought one for us when I found it at an antique store.

Our entryway. Don't you love the book page tree my friend made me? Me too. This is the original front door of  the farmhouse where I grew up.

Guess what showed up at our door a few days ago? 

That is right! Grandma's tree! So, this year we have two silver trees and lots of sparkle around here. 

We have already decided this little gem isn't going to leave again anytime soon. 

Isn't it nice that our grandchildren will be able to enjoy this gift from their Great-Great Grandma and the stories that will be shared about her?

I'd love to hear about the special items in your home that inspire warm feelings and happy memories. Would you share? Ahhh, thanks!


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