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Color, Color, Color

I know everyone else is busy putting up their Christmas trees and stretching garland and lights, but not me.

At least not today.

I am dreaming of new paint colors for the new year. Time flies, and it has been longer than I think since we have spruced things up in the main level of this farmhouse.

Change is good, right?

I love the happy brightness of the Ethan Allen Vintage line, and I am going to attempt to have a similar vibe in our home.

                            ethanallen.com - Ethan Allen | furniture | interior design | lifestyles | vintage | living room

                            ethanallen.com - Ethan Allen | furniture | interior design | lifestyles | romance | living room

                                                ethanallen.com - Ethan Allen | furniture | interior design | shop by room | american colors

                                  ethanallen.com - Ethan Allen | furniture | interior design | lifestyles | vintage | bedroom

All of these pics are from my pinterest boards via the Ethan Allen website. I apologize for the fuzziness.

I was recently looking through a stack of old BHG magazines and found these blogger painting tips. We all know bloggers are GREAT sources of info so thought I would share some of the ideas I found most useful.

Hopefully, you might learn something from them, too.

Here goes.......


think about the big picture to give a home flow. weave the same colors throughout main spaces, but make the dominant color in one room an accent in another.


don't forget to think of wood as a color or you can ruin a color scheme (this one really resonates with me because we have oak floors and woodwork that make a statement-one I don't always like. wink)


professionally decorated rooms always have multiple tones of the color scheme in the room


look at the bottom color on the card. it's the most saturated and helps determine the color family and the undertone


a rule of thumb.....neutral walls make room for rich furniture and vibrant art, while colorful walls rest well behind neutral furnishings and accents of similar or complementary colors

That is it for today, but I will share some more tips from the article soon.

So, talented friends, what do you consider when choosing a new color scheme?


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