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Transformation Day One


When I started this blog, I had every intention of writing each and every day. Ahh, my innocent, ignorant self! 

I had no idea the time it would take to do that. I guess I just thought I would open my computer and something cogent would come spilling out. 

Something interesting. 

Something thought-provoking. 

Something inspiring.

And magically, people would appear who would want to read it!

Reality hit me very quickly and I knew that posting every day just was not going to happen, so I readjusted my expectations and am 10 months into this. 

As a language arts teacher for many years, I have preached the power of the written word over and over. I wasn't preaching to the choir and my students complained loud and often how hard it was to write. 

I know that is true. Writing is hard. But it can also be fun and good mental exercise to write down what we are thinking. It know it really helps me to clarify my thoughts and empty my brain.

That said, when I starting reading in September that The Nester was once again hosting her 31 Days project, I began to feel like I wanted to participate even though I have never ever posted 31 days straight. 

Or even 5. 

Who cares? I am throwing caution to the wind and going for it!

The goal is to choose a topic and write about it every day for the month of October.
The word I have chosen is Transformation

I chose this word because as  a Christian, I believe we are all being changed little by little as the Holy Spirit works in us.  

Then there is the decorating, reading, exercising, cooking, and all the other activities I enjoy so much that also involve transforming something.

But darn it, I missed posting on the first day.  In the past, I would probably have let myself off the hook and said I would wait to start next year. But I am not going to do that today. I will just jump right in where I am…..October 2….and get this party started!

Please join me on this little adventure, and let’s see where it takes us at the end of 31 Days of Transformation.


Please check out Nesting Place and see what you can learn!


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