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Transformation: Closet

This is post is part of my 31 Days of Transformation Series. To view the rest of my posts, check the tab above.

Can you tell I am conflicted? Yesterday I wrote about getting rid of excess, and today I am posting about clothing for fall. 


I am a work in progress.

I don't think it is wrong to wear cute clothes, but I don't need to buy more than I can wear or things I don't really like just because they are there or on sale. However, I do think that we all need a few things to transform our wardrobes from season to season.

I took a quick peek on pinterest and polyvore (ok. I admit it. I totally got sucked in.) and found these inspirational outfits.

Here is an outfit that I really like that I could probably recreate from my closet right this minute. I don't have a gray scarf, but I could sub one I do have. I would also sub my gray booties for the black boots just to have another chance to wear them. I need to get the cost -per-wear number down some more!

i love black
I found this on foo foo club's pinterest board.

Teacher OOTD

I love the outfit above too.  I think I will wear something like this to church on Sunday.

                                                 Navy and Red

Here is another really cute casual outfit that is age appropriate but still fun! Boom! 

On my wish list for fall: 

                                                               an animal print cardigan
new jammies
cute yoga clothes

How are you planning to transform your closet this fall? What is on your wish list?


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