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Remind Me, Please

This post is part of my 31 Days of Transformation series. To read the rest of the series, click the tab above.

Hello, Strangers!

Life got in the way of my goal to post every day for 31 days, but I am just going to pretend a week has not gone by and keep moving forward. I hope soon to have some time to catch up with your posts, too!


The enemy doesn't like it when you and I are sold out to God. He uses the methods at his disposal to try to derail us from the right path.

This is often very painful.

And NO fun.

And discouraging.

I have felt under attack for months now and it is getting very old.

Last night I was particularly discouraged until I read this......

               "Worship and praise are fiery arrows against the Enemy and also against yourself when
                you find it difficult to truly trust in the Lord's provision. When you are overcome by the world,
                your obligations, the Enemy and whatever else, turn to worship. Intentionally place yourself
                in the presence of the Lord and your focus will rest in Him."

Now, that sounded like good advice and something I could do immediately. I turned off the disturbing political news on TV and turned on my favorite Christian radio station.

This song was playing and it was just what I needed to hear.


After spending some time being reminded of the love of my Heavenly Father, I felt encouraged and ready to face whatever comes next, trusting that God is truly "working all things together for my good."

A friend recently prayed that we would realize that, as Christians, each day we face a battleground, not a playground and we need to put on the armour talked about in Ephesians.

Today, if you are overwhelmed by the challenges you are facing or the lies of the enemy, try worship and praise instead of worry. Maybe it will help you like it did me.

Have a blessed day!


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