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My Grannies Are Growing


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I'm a big believer in the power of the needle.

And hook.

How about you?

I learned a long time ago that knitting, crocheting, and other sewing projects are a GREAT stress reliever.

That is, until my projects stare at me from their Longaberger storage basket, mocking me and making me feel bad.

I had a goal 2 winters ago to make a granny square blanket because I think they are so cute. This was going to be for ME to wrap up in while I read books on snowy winter afternoons.  I bought some yarn I loved that matched the curtains I made for my sewing room and got busy transforming that basket of yarn into something pretty.

I found a youtube video to show me how to make the squares. I didn't think I really needed a pattern, and I couldn't really read one anyway. I hear people say all the time that they learned how to do this or that from online videos. I could do that too, right?

It looked so easy when Mikey,  the crochet guy,  did it.

But, my first practice ones didn't turn out so well. They ended up to be circles not squares, and I'm not even going to share the frustration it took to get that all straightened out!

Fast forward many months, and my project started calling me names and making fun of me, so I decided to FINISH it once and for all before I got the itch to make new curtains and the colors didn't match anymore.

This is taking LOTS longer than I thought it would.

Many more granny squares than I expected.

And several trips to the knitting store for more yarn, some of which had to be special ordered.


Not to mention, bringing back memories of the orange and blue Illini afghans I crocheted for each of our boys. I didn't have a pattern for those either, and got carried away on my chain stitching and those afghans were so long they could cover their whole bodies twice. I spent hours on them and now they are probably wadded up in closets somewhere.

Next time, I am going to find someone to teach me how to read a pattern so I know what I am getting into before I start. I'm not giving up though because I want to make something like this beauty from Dottie Angel next!


What about you creative friends? Are you working on any creative projects? Tell me all about them!


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