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Our day today began EARLY, while it was still dark, as we headed across the state border for the Covered Bridge Festival in Parke County, Indiana.

I am a relative newbie at this event. I was not impressed the first time I attended many years ago. This time, I went with Amanda, who should be a tour guide there. She drove us past lots and lots of vendors and took us right to the ones she knew we would all like.

Nothing like being with  a pro to transform a bad impression to a good one!

Here are some of my favorite pics of our day.........

Here is what came home with me........

  1. a funky, cool shelf for my bathroom that I want to fill with old clocks, as soon as I get some!
  2. adorable American girl doll clothes (shhh! Christmas presents)
  3. long black shutters for my kitchen
  4. boots I couldn't resist at TJ Maxx
  5. a cute necklace made by Spoonalicious, forgot to take pic
Great weather + Good stuff +  Wonderful people =
one great day

 Hope your Friday was a special one, too!


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