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Harvest Time


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This crazy growing season is drawing to a close on our farm. The transformation of the landscape in our community is almost complete.

This is the bean reel of our combine.

This year has been one we will NEVER forget. We set some remarkable records.

We got all our corn planted in March for the first time EVER. Usually we feel fortunate to have our corn all planted by the end of May. Edited....My husband corrected me. We didn't have our corn all planted in March, but we had corn UP for the first time in March. Sorry!

Check out that beautiful October sky!

Then we had a record drought.

And a record heatwave.

What looked like a record corn crop, was a record all right. However, it wasn't in our favor. Instead of raising the most corn ever, we raised the least.

The last few weeks, our guys have been busy cutting beans and are almost finished. The late rains saved them and we are so thankful to have something to harvest!

Brad has planted wheat and it is up and looks so beautiful growing in the fields-the same fields that looked so pathetic with their dried up empty cornstalks a short time ago.

Farmers are optimistic people, and we are looking forward to what can be and not backward to what wasn't.

My husband, who has been working 14 hour days for months now, deserves to take a long, long nap.

Or two.

Now, if I could only convince him of that!


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