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Grins or Grumbles

This post is part of my 31 Days of Transformation series. To read the rest of the series, click the tab above.

WooHoo! My sister was released from the hospital a day earlier than expected, so she is home relaxing in her favorite recliner and I am, well, blogging.

This morning, after very few hours of uninterrupted sleep, I was a little grouchy and feeling a bit sorry for myself. (Isn't that awful? Here I am healthy and able to help, and I am feeling sorry for ME. Shame.)

I headed down to the hospital cafeteria looking less than my best. Can anyone say "bedhead" and "no makeup" and "no shower"?

This isn't just a small town hospital we are talking about, but one of the major and most respected teaching hospitals in the country. People come here with BIG medical problems.

There were other family members in the cafeteria, too, and as I looked around, I wondered what sad, sad stories they would tell me if we had a chance to get acquainted.

I got in the omelet line behind three 20-something girls all dressed in their scrubs getting ready to eat breakfast together. They were having such a good time! They were giggling, and high-fiving, smiling, and generally spreading joy in that early-morning place.

As I watched them, I was reminded how contagious joy can be. I'm sure I am not the only individual who was cheered up by their friendliness and joie de vivre.

There was no need for my sad face and grouchy attitude, and those sweet girls helped turn my day around and transform a negative attitude.

I hope I remember tomorrow that each day I have a choice about my attitude, and I will probably get back from others exactly what I project to them.

No one wants to be near a grouch.

I pray that my actions and demeanor will project the love of Christ, which he has poured out so graciously and this world needs so badly.

Thank you so much for your book recs yesterday. I have already read several of them, but think I will download A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23.


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