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Fashion Fall 2012

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I love sweaters.

And tights.

And boots.

I love fall clothes, but I am slipping.

Usually, I purchase at least one September issue of a fashion magazine to see what the experts think the big trends are for the upcoming season. Then I try to buy a few things to bring my wardrobe up to steam.

This year I didn't buy a copy of Lucky, or Elle, or even More. I guess I just didn't care that much about fashion trends for Fall 2012.

Until I read this post by Kristina, which transformed my thinking about how I want to present myself to the world. I don't want to resort to wearing mainly yoga pants and sweats.

This led to a little clicking and reading and developing my very own list of things I might wear this year ...

A Vintage Farmwife's 
Top Ten Fashion Trends of Fall 2012 

1. Something burgundy

2. Colored jeans
Matchstick jean in garment-dyed denim
I bought some kelly green jeans that will go with gobs of things in my closet.
3. An equestrian-style vest
Tartan shirt redux - factory version review
Something like this only plaid vest and denim shirt to style similarly.

4.  Pattern mixing

                                            polka dot & mint
5. Faux fur vest

6. Shooties with skinny jeans cuffed

7. Navy knit blazer from Gap
Gap Piped Academy Blazer
I bought this in Navy-so comfy and cute!
8. A lace top

                                                       Factory long-sleeve lace-front tee

9. Fisherman-type sweater

Cambridge Cable Turtleneck Sweater
10. Big pearl earrings

I can't wait to learn what trends you plan to follow this season. Let's talk about clothes!


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