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Farm (Con) Fessions

I don't want to give you the wrong impression.

I am not one of those farm wives who is in on every decision made in our family business- although I could be if I wanted.

I'm not like my aunt or neighbor who works every day in the field during planting and harvest.

I'm not even the person who hauls 3 course meals to the men driving the tractors, even though I used to do that before I went back to work full time. Now, I am no longer an employee, and I still don't plan elaborate field meals. My farmer prefers a sandwich and lots of snacks that he can eat on the go. I try to always have plenty of his favorite cookies in the freezer and lots of sweet tea.

I hope you aren't shocked. Or disappointed in me.

Here is what I am.....

I am the farm wife who totally supports her husband and sons and their business decisions. I don't like to mess with money. I do like to spend it.

I listen and encourage and make suggestions and give advice.

I drive the tractor a few times during spring and fall to help out, but I can work as many hours as I choose. My husband is nice like that.

I have been chisel plowing the last two days, and I enjoy doing it. If I had to do it every day for 3 weeks, no thank you. Just in case you have never had the privilege,  here are........

 My Top Ten Good Things About Tractor Driving 

1. Working in the same field as my husband. I spend a lot of time waving at him as we pass one another going back and forth.

2. Sitting up really high surrounded by glass. I can see so many things.

3. Being closer to nature. I notice the clouds, the birds, the woods in the distance, and the occasional animal.

4. Nothing runs like a Deere

5. Lots of time to think and dream

6. A new perspective-The world looks different when you are in the middle of a great big field.

7. Flirting with my husband-I like to call him when I am working with him and just talk. He laughs at my jokes.

8. Gaining new appreciation for the hard work that goes on around here

9. Cute Hair and Makeup totally optional

10. Earning brownie points and respect from my boys

There is a lot to be said for a husband and wife working together, whatever the business.  I am glad I get the opportunity. I have the utmost respect for the farm women who do hard physical labor every day, but I am glad I don't have to.

(Sidebar: I apologize for all the I's in this post. You would think it is all about me. Wink.)


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