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Fall Fashion...Here I Come


It is almost the middle of September and I haven't thought one bit about new fashion.
What is wrong with me? 

I love fall....

....and sweaters

....and boots

.....and tights

......and wearing my jean jacket.

Usually, I can't wait to pick up an item or two to refresh the ole wardrobe. But, this year, I haven't given new fall clothes a second of attention.

Until the September Anthropologie catalog, arrived that is. That got my fashion wheels spinning!


Now, I have to confess that I seldom buy anything from Anthro unless it is reduced, reduced. The store is just too pricey for my blood. However, I love to look at the way their outfits are styled and copy what I think will work for me.


I love this red skirt with the chambray shirt. The juxtaposition of fancy skirt and casual shirt is screaming my name. I could wear this outfit most places I go. And I would feel well-dressed.

I'm going to check at Kohl's and my favorite, TJ Maxx, to see if I can find a skirt with a similar vibe. I already own an old chambray shirt. If I don't find another skirt, I will pair the shirt with a skirt I bought last spring at the JCrew Outlet. I might just try that first!


I love this outfit, too, and the way it was photographed. Don't you just love the 39? I have a similar dress in blue that I bought a few summers ago, but never really thought about adding a jacket and boots to it. I will this fall!

Granted, these are just two simple outfits-you might not even like them-but they interested me and now I am looking forward to rearranging my closet, wearing a few of my favorite summer things one more time, and then, bring on Fall 2012!


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