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Dear Me


Bonnie over at Faith Barista is hosting a linky party inviting everyone to write a letter to her younger self giving advice for the faith-journey ahead. I like a thought-provoking challenge so I am going to participate.

Here goes!

Dear Newlywed me,

I'm smiling at you standing there in your clothes that you made yourself, sitting at the sewing machine for hours. Of course, you also spent quite a bit of time in front of the TV ripping out the at- least- one- mistake you always make when you attempt a project with a thread and needle. You probably don't even like the garment when you finished it, but you are wearing it anyway because you think you should.

I also want to tell you to quit hiding your arms! They are NOT fat. They are trim and tan and nothing to be embarrassed about.

And that goes for your thighs, too. Get some shorts and wear them!

Oh boy! That was a sidebar. Now on to the important stuff.

You have just married the man of your dreams and are ready to begin your life together. You will have adventures and sorrows, disagreements and reconciliations, highs and lows-that is just life, and there is no way around it.

In your early married years, many of your arguments will center around religion.

Both of you love Jesus, but you want to worship him in different churches, with different customs and some significant differences in doctrine. Oh honey, don't turn every Saturday night and Sunday morning into a battleground!

Come at your differences using your Bible as a balm, not a sword. Sit down with one another and study the scriptures together looking for commonalities, not trying to prove your point and the other person wrong.

Those years of not being on the same page spiritually will be hard ones and a source of your major marital conflict, but they will also be a time of great growth in your personal walk with the Lord. You will be forced to spend time searching the scriptures making your faith your own, allowing the Holy Spirit to teach you.

Some of the things you were taught as a child you will say good-bye to.

And so will Brad.

You will learn to love the word through your struggle with it. I would never want you to miss out on that!

You will eventually stop fighting and start working together and BOTH of your eyes will be opened to truths you never knew before. It won't be easy, and some people won't like it. In fact, it will be downright painful at times.

However, walking together in Christ will become something that binds you closer together than ever before. It will be one of your greatest blessings.

So buckle in and get ready for the most important ride of your life!


Your Married-36-Years-Older-Self

Wouldn't you like to hop over to Faith Barista and add your own letter to the group? If you do, please leave a comment, so I can be sure to read your story.

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