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I Feel Lucky

The worst of the dry wall dust has been removed from at least some of the surfaces.

The downstairs has been mopped. Paint colors are chosen, and the last faucet ordered.

My nails are done, hair is cut, bags are packed, and the schedules are printed.

I'm exhausted, but so excited that tomorrow I am headed to She Speaks in Charlotte, North Carolina! I'm attending with one of my dearest friends and her daughter.

Check out .fabulous line-up of speakers. These girls have walked the talk.

I hope to learn, learn, learn, and come away refreshed and renewed and challenged.

I want to meet new sisters in Christ and be reminded just how big the church and our God is.

I want to embrace all that is She Speaks and take the constructive criticism to heart and make some changes.

I know when it is all over, I will be exhausted.

I hope I don't break out into the ugly cry.

Have a great weekend, and I promise to share what I learn with you!


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