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Checking In


We are back from our trip and I have lots to share with you. (Hello! Is anyone out there?)

We loved our trip up the western side of Michigan and definitely hope to return soon

This is a Lake Michigan sunset. This pic came from google not my camera.
Unfortunately, while we were gone, our computer decided it needed a vacation too, and we can't get it to turn on. I'm trying to stay calm and trust that our techie can fix it at least long enough to save what I had on it.

I will not panic thinking about the hours I spent creating documents for The PUSH.

I will twiddle my thumbs and not think about the boatload of money I paid to attend She Speaks and that I may have to retype lots of things I was taking with me.

I will stay pleasant and not think about all the pictures I have taken that I never got transferred over to Shutterfly.

Can anyone say, "Back up your files?"

Of course, the lesson of this story is very clear.

I hope I learned it this time.



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