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I'll Do That Later, Ok?

Are you one of those people?

The one who makes to-do lists, and actually does what she writes down?

The kind of person who measures the success of her day by what she accomplishes? The kind who always follows through on her commitments?

Obviously, the blog world is full of people who are just like you. I am amazed at the painting, redecorating, crafting, cooking, reading, just plain DOING that some of you describe on your blogs. How you manage to do all that and then BLOG about it is amazing to me.
always be joyful
Note to self.

I am a procrastinator. A piddler. 

I have fought this my whole life. My brain knows that I should "just do it". Whatever "it" is. But my inner brat says, " NO, I want to do this instead." I do get a lot of things done, just not what I maybe should be doing....

.... and it causes tons of unnecessary stress and ultimately nights of tossing and turning as I try to figure out ways to get out of the tight spots where I often find myself.


I know list-making can go too far. One of my favorite bloggers, Jayme, is trying to learn to live a life without lists-for her own good. 

My list-maker husband sometimes thinks he has had a bad day if he doesn't get everything crossed off his list.

I don't want to go that far, but enough is enough.

I want to "live my best life", to borrow a phrase from Oprah, who I banned myself from watching several years ago when her quotes began to come to me more readily than scripture.

My procrastination is keeping me from that life. This post that I just "stumbled upon" ( right!) really  convicted me this morning.


I am going to pray about this and then with the help of the Holy Spirit, begin the change.

Can anybody else out there relate?




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