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Brain Drain 3

Please join me as I drain the thoughts I have rolling around my head as we near the end of this week.

I'm linking up to the Friday Fragments fun found here. Want to join us?

                                                         Mommy's Idea
I'm not sure how many times I have participated, but I am starting today with number 3 because I like odd numbers, and I think "3" is friendly.

That is huge coming from someone who is number-phobic, but that is a story for another day.

A Word of thanks......

A few weeks ago Miss Charming Zebra had a give away on her blog. Pearl and I were the lucky winners. I think this sock monkey who traveled all the way from Texas is just adorable!

 I just got around to taking a photo of Pearl with her prize this week.

I think this picture is a hoot. She looks embarrassed to death, and I can just imagine her thinking, "I am a farm dog. What's with this monkey?"

Thank you, Miss Charming. Be sure to go check out the great pics she took of her son's soccer game.

Favorite Quote of the Week.....

I heard this one this morning during an interview with the president of World Vision, and I just love it. With the publishing of Radical, Not a Fan, and other current books, I think the church is at the start of something big and new.

"The first great awakening of the church was about "creeds". This great awakening is going to be about "deeds".

What do you think? Has change begun in your heart?

Pandora Favs.....

Are you a Pandora Fan? I like it and am always trying to find a great new artist. I like the Mumford and Sons, Avett Brothers, Lady Antebellum, and Christian artist channels.

Please introduce me to your favorite channels! I would love to hear what you like.

I Wish I Were Wearing......

                                          basebal tee & polka dots

I like this because it is casual, but classy too, as much as you can be in blue sneakers!

I have been spending way too much time.....

pinning bathrooms. We are in the midst of a major remodel. Yeeks!

Have a fabulous weekend.


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