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My Blog Needs a Spankin'

I am mad at my blog.

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I want her to be all cute, and clever, and inspiring. You know, a place you want to come back to visit again.

I want her to have her own quirky little personality and flavor.

But right now, she looks kind of plain and a little bit boring and like thousands of other blogs out there in blog land.


She used to be all fancy with some free stuff from shabby blogs, but yesterday for the second time, I got a message saying that hackers had attacked shabby and I shouldn't go to my blog because of it.

That news began a couple of hours of sweating and a bit of a stomach ache on my part.

I decided to say good bye to Shabby and try the Cutest Blog on the Block.

But, when I followed the directions, I ended up with a very colorful background all over EVERYTHING! It was very hard to read and not like it was supposed to be at all.

I tried, and I tried, and I tried to fix it.

The gazebo at our friend's pond. Pretty and Relaxing!

I checked her on Explorer and Firefox. She looks kind of wonky on Explorer, and there are videos popping up in strange places on Firefox.

I hope Al Gore and his buddies who invented the Internet get it all straightened out soon.


I wondered why I was messing with a blog anyway.

No one would miss me if I was gone.

Blogging is a big time sucker.

Blah, Blah, Blah.

Our first bloom from our new clematis. Love the textures.

Then the sun came out, and I remembered that blogging is fun. I have met some new "friends". I like learning how to do new things.

So, for now I have a homely little blog again, and I am open to suggestions from all you smart girls out there. How should I go about spiffy-ing things up around here?


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