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I'm Thinking About......

Generally, I drain my brain on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, but since we have been VERY busy this weekend, today is my first chance.

Let's get this taken care of, shall we?

Pretty cross in a house we rented in Seaside

Favorite Quote of the Week......

I am still working my way through Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis. I have to admit, the first two chapters were kind of slow for me.

However, now I am half-way through and I GET IT! Lewis is a genius and is able to take a thought from start to finish. I have trouble doing that!

Is anybody with me?

I love this quote

 "I may repeat 'Do as you would be done by' till I am black in the face, but I cannot really carry it out till I love my neighbor as myself; and I cannot learn to love my neighbor as myself till I learn to love God: and I cannot learn to love God except by learning to obey Him."

Whoa. That is a mouthful of truth, isn't' it? I just cannot love my neighbor as myself without the help of the Holy Spirit.

Couldn't resist taking a pic of this colorful truck as we passed him on the interstate. Carnival is coming!

Big Fat Meany......

One night this week, Brad, who NEVER watches TV, was scrolling through the channels trying to find something interesting. He landed on Bill Maher, and we tried to watch it for the first time ever.

That lasted about 10 minutes.

Is there anyone on TV who is more egotistical, more hateful, more just- plain- mean? Why do people watch him?

American Idol.....

My boy Phillip won! Wasn't his reaction the sweetest thing?

I'd like to know a bit of his back story. It is obvious the boy is loved.

Please take a minute to click over and read this post about fame.

I Wish I Was Wearing.....

                                        Fabulous Friday!!
I love this top and belt, and the color of the shoes. I could never walk in them though. I wonder if I could even stand in them!

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