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Farm Food-Grandma's Strawberry Shortcake


The strawberry fairy left these in our refrigerator this morning while I was out buying plants. Actually, it was my dad who brought them from their strawberry patch. The berries haven't been very prolific this year, so I was glad to get them.

Usually my folks have oodles of berries for all of us to make jam, freeze for the winter, and eat until they are coming out of our ears. Not this year.

Because of this, I threw the diet to the wind and pulled out our all-time family favorite shortcake recipe.

My sisters and I grew up eating this yummy shortcake, which came from my grandma's recipe box.  Our boys love it, too.

Why anyone would want to eat those dry biscuit-y cakes when they could have this deliciousness instead, I will never know.

Not only did the berries come from my parents' farm, so did this fresh-from-the-hen eggs. Aren't we lucky?

There is nothing special about the directions for this, but I do think good vanilla enhances the flavor. I like the fancy brands that I sometimes find at TJ Maxx.

I usually double the amount the recipe calls for. Do I have a problem?

This cake is the dangerous kind-the kind where you take a nibble, which leads to a row, which leads to ......you get the picture. It only makes an 8X10 size-good thing. Edited to add: What was I thinking? Do they even make an 8X10 pan? If you double this recipe, bake it in a regular sized pan. (For some reason, I prefer glass for this recipe.) If you make it as is, use a 9X9, or I used the 1 1/2 qt. rectangular one  with a chip on the bottom of the handle. See it there in the picture?

Don't over bake!

I like mine heavy on the strawberry juice.

Whenever I eat this cake, I get a flood of good, cozy feelings. I think it is even more special because I only make it during berry season.

I bet you have foods in your family that do the same thing for you.

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