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Cherry Delight

It's cherry-picking time!

They are so cute with their little stems, so often hooked together with a buddy.

One of the first fruits of early summer.

This bowl reminds me of cherries-red, round, and happy.

My father in law made these candlesticks for me from some porch trim that used to be on the house where he spent happy time as a child.

He didn't have much happy time in his childhood, so these are are special to us.

Back to the topic!

My in-laws have two cherry trees in their chicken yard, and my dear hubby went early the other morning, climbed the ladder, and picked a gallon and a half of near- perfect tartness.

My clever mother- in- law put up the crow lady and hung some old clothes in the trees to try to frighten the birds away.

We want the cherries, and they can't have them.

They look so sweet to be so tart!

I pitted them while I caught up on American Idol-the time flew. I put them in the freezer to use later.

I intended to make a beautiful pie with a buttery crust and a sugary, juicy filling, covered in an intricately woven top. But I didn't have time.

And I have never made one!


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