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Stretching My Brain

How can it be Sunday already? We have had just one gloriously beautiful day after another this week, and I am so thankful for that.

The air is so sweet it makes me want to drink it. Know what I mean?

Here are some things on my mind today.....

I'm Reading

In my quest to read some great books, I decided to begin with this one. I have wanted to read Lewis for some time, and now I am going to do it. I read part of the intro last night before I nodded off, but I think it is going to be an interesting read.


Have any of you read anything by C. S. Lewis besides the Narnia series?

Grass is Always Greener

Brad and I were out and about the other day in the county next to ours. There are LOTS of dairy farms in this area. I love black and white cows, so just had to take this pic of the girls trying to eat the grass on the OTHER side of the fence.

I always enjoyed hearing my dairy farm kids at school share their stories of helping with the milking.

Can anyone say work from sun up to sun down?

American Idol

Well, Phillip, my favorite, made it into the finals. I am glad for that, but I think Josh should be there, too.

That boy can sing.

Did you notice the other kids who had been voted off when the judges were carrying on so about  Jessica? Bless her heart. I don't think the other contestants like her much.

So, who do you think will win?

I Wish I Was Wearing

PS appointment tomorrow
Another outfit styled by Modestly Me-love it, but I'd never wear those shoes. Ouch!

Have a wonderful, wonderful Sunday!


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