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Brain Drain


It is a beautiful warm Mother's Day here on the prairie, and I am thinking about Seaside today! Hope to get back down there very soon.

Here are some things that have been on my mind this week!

Great Books....

I listened to part of this podcast the other day while I was mowing. Chip was sharing some of the books that he felt Christians should read. I read a lot of fluff, so think I will take his suggestion and dig into something that might improve my mind. After I finish listening to the whole show, I will share his list of books with you.

First, I need to finish the fluff I started yesterday!

American Idol....

I guess J-Lo didn't read my blogpost where I suggested that she tone it down a bit when she performs on the show.

I had to fast forward through her number when I watched my recording of Thursday night's program. Gross!

Who do you think is going to win? The remaining three "are in it to win it" don't you think?


I put out my feeder on May 1st because someone told me that the birds would return on May 2. I saw two the very day I filled mine. I just love these little birds!


We have all of our crops planted! This is a new record for us. Plan to do a post on it next week.

Stay tuned!


I'm not commenting one way or another on our Prezzie's decision to come clean on his view on gay marriage.

I do find it ironic and somewhat hilarious that the news media, which has done little if any checking into President Obama's background, had no trouble digging up someone to tattle on Romney's behavior in HIGH SCHOOL.

For Pete's Sake.


I know it is rude to discuss politics or money, so if that last comment offended you, I am sorry.

Wish I Were Wearing....
Untitled #1816
from Polyvore

I need some animal print shoes.....that don't cost $100. These are from Target. I hope I can find them if I ever get back to Target this spring.

Hope you have a wonderful week!


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