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Brain Drain

                                                          Mommy's Idea

I always enjoy joining the Friday Fragments Party over at halfpastkissintime. Unfortunately, I am usually a day late in getting there. Why don't you come with me? Everyone is so supportive and welcoming.

This week, I have been thinking about.......

Insurance Companies

Since my accident, we have been dealing with State Farm Insurance. Let's put it this way.  They haven't been a "good neighbor" to me.

Can anyone say "bully"?

so so pretty from urbanfarmgirl
James and Beth Moore

I think I mentioned I am knee deep in the study of the book of James in the New Testament. I am wrestling with the fine line between "faith without works is dead" and "by grace we are saved through faith, and not of works lest any man should boast".

My word for the year is "follower" and that is what I really want to be.

How do you reconcile this in YOUR mind?

Oh No. Not Skylar!

This week on American Idol, I thought the kids were just great. I loved Phillip's version of My Baby Wrote Me a Letter. That has always been one of my favorite songs, and I thought Phillip's version was very cool.

Where is Jessica's mother? Why does she let them dress her teenager like a S......T?  She is so pretty, but she doesn't dress in a "pretty" way.

I think it is a crying shame.

Skylar, you will be a big success, I predict. Stay your sweet self!

Reading Rocks

I want to give a shout out to the 8th grade junior high students where I used to teach. They have each been matched up with an adult in the community to read and respond to one other about the same book. Sydney and I are reading The Outcast of Schuyler Place. Konigsburg has written a great book, and I am enjoying it. Can't wait to meet my partner at the party in a couple of weeks.



What I Wish I Were Wearing

(Or should I say What I Wish I Was Wearing?)

today ochre ikat
This is from one of my favorite polyvore stylists, Modestly Me. She is creative!


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