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My Heart Hurts
                                                                    and I am sleepy!

God has really been in my business this year about several things. One thing that keeps popping up is my attitude toward the poor.

A friend and I started a ministry this year for single moms called The PUSH. One of these days I will tell you all about the nuts and bolts of it. We have tried to share the gospel and Christ's love with our "neighbors" and their mentors, and we are seeing so many blessings. I will just tell you the person who has probably been blessed the most is....me.

Over and over in the past year, God has pointed out to me through the scriptures, conversations with friends and strangers, books, magazine articles, podcasts, radio broadcasts and other ways, that I needed to do a heart check on my attitude toward the less fortunate. I thought I had compassion for "the least of these"-After all, I took food to the food pantry every month, I tried not to show favoritism, I took our excess to our local mission, we send money to missionaries- I helped start a ministry, for Pete's sake.

God is showing me that it isn't enough to just throw things at people from afar.  If my heart isn't softened to develop relationships, it is just stuff.

I am changing-I can feel it-and I am so grateful for the new people He is bringing into my life.

Last night, I was slapped in the face again. ( in a gentle way, of course).

I woke up at 2:00 in the morning and couldn't go back to sleep, so I got up and continued reading this book....... for the next two hours.

Let's just say God isn't finished with me yet.

If you haven't read this book, please do. If you have, let's talk about it.


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