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Goodbye Red Wall

When we left the city and moved back to the farm, I was balky. Oh yes, I wanted to move back home closer to our families, but I was persnickety about our new digs. I knew farmers and wanted to be careful not to get us into a house that was "too" nice so that we wouldn't have to stay there forever, constantly remodeling and upgrading. Little did I know!

The wall looked like this in February. Yuck.
Brad found a nice bedford stone home that was about 20 years old, and many people (including our parents) thought it was perfect. I, however, sat on the fireplace hearth and bawled my eyes out, whimpering that I DID NOT want to buy this house where nothing had been changed since the house was built.

My poor husband was trying so hard to make me happy, but he just did not get it. I knew if we moved in we would be stuck. This house would be too nice to tear down, too awkward to add onto, and never be my dream.

So we moved into an almost 100 year old fixer-upper with many problems and we happily lived there for many years. I learned how to paint, wallpaper, and decorate with fluff and air in that house. We scrimped and saved until we built our new farmhouse 20+ years ago.

It never ends though, does it? Decorating, I mean.

I have tried hard to keep up with decorating trends so some poor girl wouldn't come into this house someday and cry because she might have to live in it. However, time flies and my once-so-trendy- cool- red wall now was dated and so nineties!
The flowers are made from old hankies. I got the idea 

I got out the Creamy paint last week and got rid of that red wall. What a difference! My room looks so much lighter and fresher.

Now that I think about it, the color is very similar to the shade we painted over 20 years ago when we first moved in.

This frame came from Vintage Junky. Read out my visit here.

And so it goes.

Have you made any changes to your house this spring?




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