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Brain Drain....Sunday Edition

I hope I am not too late to the Friday Fragment party! I am not trying to be fashionably late, I promise.

I spent Thursday driving around in heavy traffic in St. Louis. My sister had a doctor's appointment and I was her chauffeur. We had a nice day which included a little shopping-hello, cute lamp for our bedroom!-and my new favorite lunch at California Pizza Kitchen, roasted vegetable salad.

When we got home, I grabbed the laptop and headed to a board meeting. Unfortunately, I never made it. On an almost empty highway, a car pulled right out in front of me. There was only about a telephone pole distance between us and I was going probably 62 (my normal speed). No time to stop, but I slammed on my brakes and grabbed the wheel with everything in me.

Use your imagination for what happened next because I just can't go there this morning.

Peonies are my favorite flower. I am trying to fill my mind with pretty images to erase some others.
After our totaled cars came to an abrupt stop next to each other in a deep ditch, we both miraculously climbed out- bruised, but basically uninjured.

I have been praising, and thinking, and fighting back tears ever since.

One thing I know for sure....life is short, people.

Do what you need to do. Don't wait.


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