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Brain Drain

Happy swing
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Quotes I Like This Week.....
I'm wondering.....

                       what is Instagram all about and why are people crazy about it?

pastel bicycle
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American Idol ( I can't help myself!).......

           I really like J Lo on the show. She seems like a sweet person and makes comments occasionally that make me think she loves Jesus. So, how can she make such nasty music videos like the one they showed this week? Lots of kids are fans of the show and probably are the ones who do a lot of voting.
           Jennifer is a mom. How can she think that is right? Makes me think of movie and TV stars who say they never let their children watch TV. They don't want their kids to watch filth, but they don't mind enticing your kids and mine with it.
           Jessica can sure sing, but I think she acts like a fake. Sorry.
peach and books
from jenrizzo
I'm confused.....

          Gays are demanding the right to marry.
          Heterosexuals don't want to get married and are having kids anyway.

          What does this say about us?

.love this
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I'd like to wear.....

Wearing 4/11/2012
Found this on polyvore from my4boys-I always like her outfits.
Have a great weekend!
Mommy's Idea

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