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Pour Down Like Rain


I tried to catch a photo of our beautiful sunrise, but once again, I was unable to capture even an iota of the spectacle God puts on display around here.

I hope you enjoy the art shows-for-one that your Heavenly Father places before you day after day. What a blessing!

On to one of my favorite things. I am so pumped!
Last night we started James, a new Beth Moore Bible study. I have been fortunate to participate in several of her studies and God works on me every time.

I am convicted.

I am challenged.
I am blessed.
I am smarter when we finish.

This time, a special challenge has been thrown down. Beth wants us to MEMORIZE the ENTIRE book of JAMES.  First, she wants us to copy the book word for word. 
My word. 

After recovering from the audacity of such a request, I decided I am going to give it a shot.

I already love the book of James for its practicality, and I'm sure when we are finished with the book, I will love it on a whole different level.

I may be 98 years old sitting in my rocker before I memorize the whole thing, but I know God will bless my efforts.

Is anybody else out there participating in this study right now? If so, want to be my study buddy?


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