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One Big Happy Family


One of my favorite things about the internet is all the ways it can be used to spread the good news that God is love.

love this tag from pinterest :)

There are countless blogs where the love of Christ spills out of every word.  I am always inspired and comforted when I visit A Holy Experience. Ann is a great writer and shares her heart with the world.

I have a long list of books on my request list at the library because of Edie. This girl does it all and must read nonstop. She makes me want to put down some of the frivolous fluff I often read and dig my teeth into some meaty nonfiction. Besides that, she introduced me to the Avett Brothers (love!) and Issues, Etc. I am not a Lutheran, but I have been getting an education from some great Lutheran pastors through the show's podcasts. I may not agree with every dot and tittle ( Did I really just say that?!) but what I am learning makes me think-I do like thinking.

I would like to give Shannon a great big hug-she is just so darn sweet! Raising children and sharing the good and the bad as she and her husband walk through their lives is inspirational. How did these young parents get so smart? and mature in their faith?

These are some of the big girls in blogland who have hundreds and hundreds of readers. They are many more with a smaller but just as vital following.

I think one of Satan's big tools is making us feel that we are alone.


Praise God.  His people are EVERYWHERE doing BIG things in HIS HOLY NAME.

Encourage someone in your world today and have a wonderful week!

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