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Friday Fragments-The Saturday Edition

This has been another fun but busy week, and I'm happy to share some of it with you!

Rewarding Activity:

Last Saturday morning, around 160 of us gathered at our local community center to pack 50,000 meals for Haiti. Two of my former students took this on as a project through Change This World; they raised $12,000, organized the packing day, and will visit Haiti this summer to meet some of the people impacted. It was fun and I am so proud of Kristen and Richard. It is hard to imagine that people in this world are hungry. It makes me sad.

Inspiring Quote:

Heard this one last night....."Preach the gospel at all times and when necessary use words." St. Francis of Assisi

Funny and True:
                              Getting dressed in the morning would be so much easier if my pinterest closet were real.

American Idol:
Are you a fan of the show? I am and I think this season has amazing talent even though I am behind on watching all the episodes on my DVR. Who is your favorite? I love that Colton is so open about his faith, but I just don't care for the hair. Sorry. My vote that never gets cast goes to Philip Phillips. That kid is good and has such a unique style.

If anyone from the show is reading this (smile!), kudos to the people responsible for cleaning up the guest entertainment! Last year, I was embarrassed to watch some of the nastiness presented on the Idol stage.

Lovely Spring: 

I love this picture of the service berry blossoms outside our dining room window. Please excuse all the dandelions and the nasty weeds under the tree! My farmer is busy and those will have to wait their turn to be zapped.

Tips from you to me:
Any TV shows you would recommend to me? I still have a few hours left on my old DVR. Does anyone have the new hopper being advertised?

Have a fantastic weekend!


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