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Friday Fragments


I am joining the fragment fun today.

                                                      Mommy's Idea

Randomness 1

I had big plans when I started blogging a few weeks ago, that Friday would be all about fashion. Since then, I have had no time to think about fashion and haven't even been looking at my daily fashion blogs.

I wonder what is going on with me?

So, I am going to jump around a bit.

I jumped over to Karla's Closet to see what she has been up to. Some of her outfits are too "out there" for me, but some of them are totally inspirational and copy-able. She also wears the most fantastic shoes-ones that I could never walk in without assistance on both sides. Such high heels!!!!


I like this outfit and how she pairs wool tweed and a sweater with bare legs and sandals.

Randomness 2

I am so excited to be attending The Pearl-Double Strand event next weekend in Nashville. I can't wait to  meet Edie and learn more about the other girls. I am trying to read-up on their blogs so I will get the most of my day. 
We are going with two other couples and making a weekend of it. The guys are going to chauffeur us around and probably hang out at Bass Pro. 
We are a little nervous because to us meeting these girls is a little like meeting The Monkees or some other Rock Stars. 
Can I get a witness or are we the only weirdos?

Randomness 3

St. Patricks Day Wreath

I think this wreath is kind of cute. Found it on pinterest.

Randomness 4

My Co-director of The PUSH, our ministry for single mom's, and I had a meeting today with one of my favorite students of all time, Mitch. He wants to design our ministry website. How cool is that?!

I love seeing my students all grown up. I feel just a little ownership of everyone who ever sat in my classroom. I wonder if kids have any idea their teachers feel that way about them. 

When the website is finished, I will certainly share it and let you know all about The PUSH. It is a work of my heart.

Randomness 5

I saw this on pinterest and thought it was a hoot. 

Lol, mine either!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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