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Dear Librarian


Are you a reader? I sure am.

I credit my dad for introducing me to the wonder of a good story because he would read to us EVERY night after he tucked us in. That is one of my favorite childhood memories.

Two of my aunts are avid readers and I love to share books and discuss books with them. It really creates a special bond that I treasure.

My husband gets a little aggravated at me because I have too many spots in our house that look like this-

Oh well. I can't help it.

Three new books I can't wait to read are all written by bloggers. I have never met them, but I am so proud of them! I'm sure I will learn from their words and shared experiences.

The first one is written by Kristina. She seems like a really nice person and she wears adorable outfits. I love a girl in cute clothes.

Next up is  Emily. I have a feeling this one will really teach me some things.


To tell you the truth, I am almost afraid to read this one by Jen. I suspect after I read it my toes will really be sore.


Have you read any of these books? If so, what did you think?

What books are on your wishlist or bedside pile?

Let's chat!


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