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Can It Be True?

Even though my legs are lily white and more jiggly than I would like, I wore shorts today. Granted, no one saw me except my hubby, a granddaughter, and her dear mommy, but it is still just a little amazing that I had them on and it is only March 15.

My husband and sons are getting antsy and are starting to seriously talk about planting corn, putting on anhydrous, and generally putting the pedal to the medal. That is farm talk for 18 hour days, worn out men, the possibility of getting all the corn planted by the optimal  plant-date. It makes a huge difference in yields and it doesn't happen very often.

Mother Nature is in charge around here and she isn't always very nice.

While they are talking business, I am thinking gardens and flowers. Sometimes those two don't jive very well and Brad would like to put his hand over my mouth when I am asking him to fix the tiller, haul some new dirt, get a load of mulch and help me scoop and unload it.

He doesn't though. He is a kind and patient guy and he loves me at my most annoying!

This spring I would really like some raised vegetable beds. I have been busy pinning examples on pinterest, but I would really like some advice from real live gardeners.

                                    How to build a raised bed for your garden

Does anyone out there have raised beds? Any advice to share with me?

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