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Weight Watchers and Chocolate Chips


I am feeling fat again. And I don't like it.

A few years ago, I diagnosed myself with the opposite of anorexia. In my mind, I was much skinnier than I was in real life. I never weighed myself, but judged my heftiness by how my clothes were fitting. Because of this, I ended up with some extra pounds. I signed up for Weight Watchers online and managed to get the weight off and kept it off for four years.

Fast forward to now. I gained a few pounds over Christmas. And then the doctor put me on steroids for a sinus infection. In a matter of just a few days, I gained 5....stinking....pounds.

That might not sound like much to some, but I know how this works. Five pounds becomes ten which becomes 15 which becomes 20 and then I will be ready to beat myself to a pulp. I know my fighting weight and I like to keep it there. I also know that now that I am a "little older" those pounds do not come off without a battle.

So, this week I am back on WW.

Have you discovered the www.skinnytaste.com? I bookmarked it earlier this year when I was looking for gluten free recipes for one of our daughters-in-law, but I had never tried any of the recipes until today. Trust me, I will be making more!

I made her chicken piccata for lunch today. It was delicious and only 5 WW points! WINNER!!!!!

Isn't this the most pathetic food pic ever?  Sorry!

Thursday is the day I get to spend with our youngest granddaughter, Amy Flo who is 3. The girls always like to make cookies when they come to Grammies, and today was no exception. So, while I was preparing a low calorie dish, Amy and Pappy made cookies when he came in for lunch. This was a first for Brad, but he loves his little girl, so he jumped right in.

Adding the chips

Besides a little problem trying to use powdered sugar instead of flour and some eggshell issues, they did great!
Aren't those adorable feet?

I did have to do a little rearranging of this cookie sheet!

The cookies turned out great and I am happy to say I did not eat even ONE!!!!

Brad was soon back to work.

Amy Flo and I enjoyed the rest of the afternoon reading books, putting puzzles together and other activities she enjoys, but things she may never remember. 

I do hope she never forgets the first time she made cookies with her pappy!

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