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That's a Pretty Tractor!


Love this pink tractor!
Yesterday, Brad and I headed south to the Louisville Farm Show. This is a huge agricultural show held every year and people come from all over the place to attend. There are seminars and exhibits which help farmers and others who work in the ag industry learn about the latest and greatest.

We are planning to upgrade our our grain drying system this summer, so Brad thought this would be a great opportunity to pick the brains of the grain drying experts. Our goal of course is to harvest our corn quickly once it is mature and before it is damaged in the field. We also want to use the least amount of drying fuel as possible. Not only does that help conserve valuable resources, it also saves us a boatload of money. Win-Win!

I was very impressed with the number of farm FAMILIES who attended together. This 3 generation group came all the way from Wisconsin to attend. They were celebrating Grandpa's birthday.

Daddy's and their kids holding hands were everywhere- passing on the legacy of the people who work the land. Kids are a huge part of farming because farm families work together. And it starts early-not the work, but the togetherness.

This little fella has his own bag of freebies and I bet he looks at them over and over on the way home, dreaming of when he can drive the tractor all by himself.

John Deere loyalty starts young!

Sweet girls working the family booth. I saw lots of Amish and Mennonites-interesting! Wouldn't you like to hear their stories? I know I would.

Pretty farm girls

FFA boys in seed seed corn hats and wranglers checking out those pretty girls!

We had a fun and exhausting day. Brad talked to lots of people, learned what he needed to know, and now has spring fever big-time!

I spent time with my husband, visited with some new friends, and discovered that a company DOES make PINK  coveralls. I am going to order some soon.

A group of FFAer's was all wearing t-shirts with this saying on the back. I think it sums up the farming life pretty well.....

Rough Hands
Farmer Tans
Dirty Boots
Deep Roots


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