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Sister Retreat 2012


My life has been a rollercoaster for the last week. I have been very low, very high and worn to a frazzle. I really felt just like this....


Hopefully, things are settling down again and I can return to my regular routines. I pray; I pray.

I am not going to go into the details of the lows, but I do want to share the fun from our almost-annual Sister Retreat. If you have sisters, I HIGHLY recommend you schedule a retreat RIGHT AWAY.

I am so blessed in the sister department. I have two bio-sisters whom I dearly love. We live close to each other and spend lots of time together.

I also have 3 sisters-in-law whom I love as well, and we have made a habit of meeting for a weekend on the college campus of graduating nieces and nephews. Can you say FUN????!!!!!!
It is a blast to spend time with these kids as they are preparing to launch into the world. They are old enough to enjoy spending time with their moms and aunties and we are able to connect on a more adult level. We usually spend one evening with our college grad and the rest of the time talking, talking, talking, and shopping, shopping, shopping.

This year, we were on the campus of the Fighting Illini visiting Zack. His younger brother Tom is also a student at Illinois, so he joined us too.

From bottom: Zack, Rosemary, Tom

The fun began with delicious soup prepared by Rosemary, which we ate in the boys' apartment. This was a first- boys who live in conditions clean enough that we weren't afraid to eat something prepared in their actual kitchens! Kudos to Zack and Tom for that!

The meal was followed by a wild game of In a Pickle.

Tom, Zack, Heather
                               Bev, who loves to sew, brought tubs of goodies for us to try on. Fun!

She is making some adorable skirts out of old t-shirts and sweaters. I found one that fit, but haven't had a chance to style it and take a picture yet, but I will. Thanks, Bev!

Me, Bev, Rosemary, Jeanne couldn't make it this year "Hi, Jeanne!"

We stayed up until after 3 in the morning talking and catching up, slept through breakfast, and ate an early lunch at an Irish Pub. We had meatloaf with curried catsup-Yum!- and macaroni and cheese. The portions were so huge that the three of us split one meal and it was perfect. Does that make us sound cheap or smart? Hmmm.

We spent the rest of the day shopping vintage and resale. We didn't make any huge purchases, but we sure had fun.

Bella is my new favorite store in Champaign. There is a boutique downstairs with beautiful women's and children's clothing and a fabulous vintage store upstairs with some resale clothing as well. Ideas galore.

When the forecast changed to include a chance of freezing rain, I hightailed it out of Dodge and headed my car south. That meant I missed sushi night, but I made it home safely.

A big family is a wonderful thing. 

With 19 nieces and nephews on my husband's side, I am so thankful we can look forward to many more weekends, making memories!

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