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Happiness Report


This giant birdie is on the lawn of the art museum in Kansas City. Love it!

I am so grateful that things have finally settled down in our lives, and today I am just HAPPY!!!!

Here are some things making me smile today...

1. A nice visit with my aunt today

She and her husband are celebrating their 64th wedding anniversary today. How about those role models!

2.  The field behind our house covered in snow geese again this afternoon- a beautiful and noisy sight

3.   A late afternoon walk with a beautiful sunset in the west and a rising full moon in the east

4. Lunch yesterday with my best- friend- for- life, Diana
We “get” each other.

5. A good book-June Bug by Chris Fabry

6.    T-bone steaks for supper from cows raised by my dad 

7.  Laughs shared with my husband

8.  Sewing many patches on Faith’s vest for Daisy scouts

9. Lea, our high school neighbor, sharing her fabulous report card with me when she came to piano lessons

And last of all……

A website that has Season Two of Downton Abbey available to watch NOW!

I hope you are happy today, too.


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