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Friday Fashion Fun...Monday Edition


Well, friends, Friday came and went with no time to share any fashion fun.

We can't just forget fashion, so thought we'd talk about it today!

Spring is just around the corner and the big girls in fashion are already planning their spring wardrobes. I don't really plan my wardrobe from season to season. Instead I just grab a few things to update and refresh a bit. I want to make smarter choices, so I am trying to become better educated.


I just finished reading this book by Nina Garcia. It has been out awhile, but I had never taken the time to read it. I really liked it and thought the information was timeless and appropriate for all of us. The illustrations by Ruben Toledo just made me smile!

I grabbed this pic from You Look Fab. This gal is 70 years old and  she has amazing style!

It was fun to learn a bit about Nina's childhood. Who knew that her mother convinced her seamstress to move into their home, and that no one was allowed into her huge closet?  No wonder Nina has such good taste.

According to the book, style has nothing to do with traditional "good looks". It is all about confidence.

I loved this quote .....

          "I was not ugly. I might never by anything for men to lose their heads about, but I need never again be ugly. This knowledge was like a song within me. Suddenly it all cam together. If you were healthy, fit, and well-dressed, you could be attractive."   Elsie De Wolfe

I'd like all girls to know that and feel good about themselves!

I liked this advice:

Jessica from What I Wore wrote this book, I want to read it next. I have been following her blog for a few years now. She is a great remixer!

Didn't you love Adele's dress last night at the Grammy awards?

That girl can sing and she is gorgeous!

Have a great Monday, and remember......
                                                              I think you are beautiful!

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