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T Shirts, T shirts, T shirts


This week I have been crushing on some interesting projects made from t-shirts that I found on pinterest. Take a look and see what you think!

Since I am still trying to find my stay-at-home style, I'm thinking some of these might fit the bill. Stylish, unique, and fun!

from t-shirts to ruffled skirt! this looks so cute w/links to other t-shirt projects
I'm a little afraid this might make me look too fluffy, but it is worth a try.

no-sew cardigan tutorial made from an old shirt
Isn't this cute? I found an old shirt of our son's I think will work for this.

made with an over sized t-shirt
@Megan Walck- more t-shirt crafts!
I just love this! I think I will try a long sleeved version soon. Wouldn't this be cute with a pencil skirt?

these are cute skirts
I love this skirt and want one just like the big picture. Except I wouldn't do the scoopy pattern right at the boidonkydonk.

So, what do you think?

A big thanks to the uber-talented people who share their ideas with the rest of us on pinterest.

(FYI-does anyone know why all these boxes are showing up when I publish? They aren't there as I am typing. thanks!)


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