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Delicious Dresses


I received my Boden catalog this week and it contains some deliciousness!

I have only ordered from this company once because usually I can find something I like just as well at a store here in the states. However, some items from this issue are really calling my name and may be coming to my house soon.

I love this dress, which could be dressed up or down.....

Weekender Dress

and this 50's inspired dress 

Riviera Shirt Dress

and this tunic

I'd order it in navy and wear it over my skinny jeans. I can also see it belted with a cardi or jean jacket. I like to buy clothes that can be worn 3 ways and I think this meets that standard.

Stripy Tunic

and this leather biker jacket

Leather Biker

Darn it! This is 524.00 smackers so it will have to stay in England.

So, what do you think? 
I wonder if Pippa ever shops Boden.



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