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I'm a Little Embarrassed, But Guess I Will Go On


It is Friday and in my plan for this blog, today we are supposed to have fun with fashion.

But as I sat down to write this post, I first checked out a few of my favorite blogs and with just a few clicks of the mouse I landed here.  Where I preceded to get a little smack down on the excesses of my life. 

I didn't stay on this site for long, but I do plan to go back and read some more when I have the courage. 

How do these blog girls do it? They home school their kids, make bread, craft up a storm, take unbelievable photographs, and write beautiful, inspirational blog posts that later become books. 

I'm baffled. What do I do with the 24 hours in my day?

I know the answer to that question is sometimes not much and it can be a little embarrassing. I don't know if I could have withstood the pressure for perfection if I had been raising my kids in this time of the blog world. Of course, I  wouldn't have had time to read very many blogs back then either, so maybe I would have been fine!

My hat is off to the girls who do it all and make it look so easy. Thanks for inspiring me to make my own little world a little better.

Now, on to Friday Fashion Fun!

Isn't the pin a nice touch?


This outfit has me thinking of spring.

From what I have been reading, denim shirts are very popular again. (I didn't know they ever weren't popular!)

                                Isn't pinterest a great way to get ideas to remix your own wardrobe?


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