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If it is Monday........It's Time for Flylady!


FlyLady cartoon
flylady-my hero!

 ....it must be time for my house-blessing hour. 

I am not an organized person. Left to my natural instincts, the laundry would be left in the baskets unfolded, the sink would be full of dirty dishes, and if we were going to have company, I would need 8 hours to be ready for them. ( I won't describe the grouchy, yelling banshee I also might turn into.)

Trust me, that is no way to live.

And fortunately for my family and for me, we don't have to live that way any longer. I stumbled across The Flylady website quite by accident a few years ago, and she changed our lives. Well, mostly my life, but we all know mom runs the show.

Now, I do a house-blessing once a week, zone cleaning almost every day, and get a huge kick out of cleaning out drawers and closets and hauling things we no longer need to our local mission to bless others with our overflow.

Am I a perfect flybaby? Heavens no! But our house is only about 15 minutes from being company ready most of the time. The laundry is done. My sink is usually empty, and I am a much happier person!

Routines have made all the difference for me, and if you live in a constant state of clutter, I bet they would help you, too.

Go to Marla's website and give it a try! Let me know what you think.


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