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Hello, World!

It is kind of creepy. 

Like most of America, I am a fan of many different blogs. I check in on Edie, Marion, Layla, Angie, Jessica, Ree and several other of my "friends" every day. I feel like I know them and we would have a nice chat if we ever ran into one another at Starbucks-or in my case, Solid Grounds, our local coffee shop.

But....I have never met them, never heard their voices. 

I have read their posts and laughed, cried, and been inspired to run out and buy a bucket of paint and get busy.

The blogs I read add a dimension of fun to my life, and I want to join in.  So I started A Vintage Farmwife.

I want to share life on our grain farm, recipes from our farm kitchen, thoughts as I walk with Christ, and pieces of my heart.

I hope one day we will feel like we could have a great chat over a glass of iced tea! 

I can't wait to know you.


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